Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The Will to Succeed

If you're a student who has not yet managed to secure a placement, the chances are by now you are starting to feel a little despondent. You may have friends who are starting work next week or perhaps have already had their placements commence, and yet you find yourself still making applications, still hoping for that positive email to come through after an interview. It has been a long slog since the Autumn and you've not yet been rewarded for your efforts.

While there are still placements to apply for, never give up. You've come this far and it would be a shame for all those painstaking hours making applications and preparing for interviews to go to waste. I'm working with many students like you right now and their shared attribute is resilience; the will to succeed and achieve their goal. Between now and September many of them will get the placement offers their dedication deserves.

It doesn't matter when you secure your placement, it is seeing through the task and getting to the finish line line which is most important. It takes guts and determination to keep going when others have already finished The Great Placement Race but keep going and your Placement Officers will be cheering you from the sidelines.