Tuesday, 12 April 2016

PlaceNet: Thanks for the memories

Next month I will be standing down from my role as Trustee for PlaceNet. It isn’t as a result of a messy divorce or disagreement with my colleagues, who I have thoroughly enjoyed working with over the course of the last three years. It is more a question of family commitments taking priority and not being able to give the same amount of time that I have volunteered after joining in 2013.

Since I first had contact with PlaceNet, after meeting the Chair at the National Placement and Internship Awards, I’ve had a great time attending conferences, both as a delegate and presenter. I gained experience in handling communications for an organisation, and helped with promoting Master Class events. Most importantly, I have had the pleasure of meeting a large number of extremely diligent placement professionals, who share my passion for helping students with their fledgling careers and promoting the virtues of work-based learning.

When Graham met Matthias

A big thank you to Matthias, Ginny, Mike, Sarah, Alex, Christine, Vanetta and Jan for letting me be part of the gang over the past three years. I wish you all well and am sure the upcoming #PlaceNet16 Conference in Birmingham will be a roaring success. 

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