Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Ice Ice Baby

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the The Placement Office during the summer time? It often makes me laugh when I'm told on the last day of exams 'enjoy your summer holiday' as if they believe we close for business the minute our students leave campus. As good as that sounds, there is a mortgage to pay and placements to be secured, so during June, July and August I've very much been here, plodding away with the job in much the same way as I do during term time.

This morning I was minding my own business, conducting a number of risk assessments, when my phone buzzed and the tweet I received rather caught my eye. You may have been aware of the #IceBucketChallenge that has been doing the rounds on social media in recent days. Essentially a gimmick to raise awareness of ALS, celebrities having been lining up to get themselves on tape being drowned - The Guardian have kindly pieced together 10 of the best (Love the Oprah effort!)

Anyway, this morning, I received this.

Now never one to duck a challenge, or indeed someone who needs an excuse to cast aside joyful bureaucratic paperwork, I contrived a plan to get myself under an ice cold bucket. Firstly, I asked around The Placement Office to see if there were was anybody willing to help me out with the task. I was rather taken aback at how quickly my colleagues were lining up to soak me. Clearly I'm not as popular in these parts as I thought! Next, I had to overcome the logistical issue of only having the clothes I was wearing to hand. One short trip to the local Tesco later and I was adorned in some rather fetching £4 flamingo shorts

Properly tasteful and in no way look like boxers

All that was needed then was some ice, buckets and some willing volunteers to capture the moment for the world to see. Here you go!

To my friends at CareerPlayer, CareersBox and EC Futures , consider yourselves nominated.

Back to the day job then.................