Monday, 1 February 2016

Transfer Deadline Day - Time for a New Challenge

It seems somewhat appropriate that on Transfer Deadline Day, I can announce that I am on the move. After ten years at Brunel University London, during which time I've supported students from Computer Science, Mathematics, Digital Media, Biomedical Science, Politics and History I am making a giant leap to take up a new challenge.

Confirmed signing!

Well, when I say giant leap, I am probably moving no more than six feet away, as I'm swapping one desk for another within the Professional Development Centre. From the end of this week, I will be Placement and Internship Adviser for students in Brunel Business School, supporting undergraduates from Business and Management courses to secure yearlong sandwich placements. I can't wait to get started!

If you are an employer looking to recruit students for roles such business, management, human resources, marketing or accounting, please drop me a message on LinkedIn to discuss your requirements and how I can help you access emerging talent from Brunel.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Introducing The Ascent Placement Programme

I'm a big fan of peer mentoring. When it comes to spreading the message about placements, in my experience students are most receptive when hearing it directly from their fellow students, rather than from a guy in a suit. This is a theme that a number of employers have picked up on and involve their current interns when promoting their schemes. Here is a great example of this, with a guest blog from Will, promoting the Ascent Placement Programme. If this sounds good, get applying as the deadline is this weekend!

Hi, I'm Will and I'm currently working as the Advertising & Communications Marketing Intern at Amaya Gaming as part of the Ascent Placement Programme.

I would hope by now that you are aware that the Ascent Placement gives you the opportunity to take a fully paid internship at PokerStars and have either finished or are making the finishing touches to your application. I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about the market-leading poker brand, what we actually do here and what you could be doing next year. Sound OK?

PokerStars, along with its sister site Full Tilt, are Amaya Inc. brands which collectively form the largest poker business in the world, comprising online poker games and tournaments, live poker competitions, branded live poker rooms and poker programming created for television and online audiences.

If you don’t know much about poker don’t worry, you’ll pick up everything you need to know quickly. Just be sure to do a bit of research into us before you write that cover letter.

You may be thinking, what would I actually be doing? Well, we have six fantastic roles that you can apply for. There are opportunities to work in in Brand, Advertising & Campaign Marketing, Social Media, SEO/Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, TV & Online Programming, and Corporate Communications. For full information about the programme, the roles and the application process, please head over to our dedicated website (designed by us, ‘The Ascenders’) 

‘The Ascent Placement’ brand presentation – selling it into the business
All departments within PokerStars work very closely together so no matter which you find yourself in you’ll all be working together on world-class advertising and marketing campaigns that bring the fun and excitement of poker (and sometimes other verticals) to players around the world. That’s what I find most exciting about working here: introducing people who don’t play poker to such an amazing game. Just to put the scale of the business into perspective, we have a combined total of over 97 million registered players and it’s continuing to rise. I’m hoping we hit 100 million before I go back to uni.

Since I’ve been here I’ve worked on global ad campaigns featuring some of the world’s best footballers, developed a sub-brand of PokerStars, managed social media campaigns and proactively building a business case for some ideas of my own. 

Ad shoot in Madrid
Day-to-day it’s pretty great here I must admit. The office is right next to Piccadilly Circus station and it boasts free fruit, vending machines, table football, a pool table, a chill out room and there’s even a Dalek downstairs (cheers Twitter). There have been tons of social events which all of us here have taken full advantage of. Check out our social pages (links below) for the full run down on these, but highlights include the summer and Christmas parties, poker tourneys and recently a talk by NASA’s chief scientist about the mission to Mars.

The Ascenders class of 2015

I had better go now as I need to prepare for my trip to Dublin in a few weeks for the EuropeanPoker Tour (a huge live poker festival) where I will be gathering as much content as I can get my hands on. Just before I go I’d like to remind you all that the deadline for applications in 23:59 on the 31st January 2016 so get to it! 

Thanks for reading and good luck with your placement search! Why not connect with us on the following platforms

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By the way, if you’re a grad and fancy seeing where in PokerStars you could fit be sure to visit our opportunities page here:  

Monday, 5 October 2015

Be Your Future!

If you've just started looking for placement opportunities, you may find yourself a little bit lost right now. You'll have had an introductory lecture or two where people like me at your university are spouting the virtues of doing a placement, and sign-posting you to a directory of opportunities for you to plough your way through. Perhaps you've met my friends at RateMyPlacement during their campus campaigns, and found yourself armed with the Top Undergraduate Employers Guide. It is a fantastic little resource, but on first inspection you'll stare at a page of 100 different companies. How are you supposed to know where to start?

In the years I have been doing my job, it has been noticeable that employers are spending more time and resources on talent attraction than when I first started out. Last week I received a job poster through the post, with no additional online material to access. Once upon a time this would have been the norm. In 2015 this not only felt retro but rather inadequate for the digital age where young people hold expectations of having information at their fingertips.

With so many recruiters fighting to attract the same students to their placement and graduate schemes, employers have upped their game on talent acquisition and recognised that they need to distinguish themselves from the competition. Once organisation that I think has done this particularly well is Microsoft, who aside from their corporate careers pages have enlisted their current interns to produce engaging content for the standalone Be Your Future website. It is a great resource for interested candidates to find out straight from the horses mouth what it is like to be an Intern at Microsoft, gain insights into the different roles and opportunities, pick up application advice and provide a platform for engagement between the company and the student market.

Who better than you to promote your business to future undergraduate employees than the incumbents?

Applications for student and graduate opportunities at Microsoft are now open. Apply here

Do not apply until you have checked out the excellent advice and insights on the Be Your Future blog, and be sure to save it down in your favourites.